Security tools and services for NFC enabled Smartphones.

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With SecureTap clients can require a second level of website or network access authentication. This process utilizes a Near Field Communication enabled smartphone to retrieve a public/private key for the user from an NFC enabled sticker for a second set of keys to be entered prior to proceeding to the destination webpage. provides the verification webpage for the keys and then the user is redirected to the destination webpage The SecureTap second layer, or multifactor, authentication for website can be utilized on kiosks or remote workstations where the physical presence of the user needs to be verified. The user validates the access using an NFC enabled phone.

They tap the NFC sticker mounted on the kiosk, or hotspot access point, and the application will open the keys for the sticker and the remote server. These two keys are then entered into the displayed webpage authorization page. Once complete the user is able to access the network normally. This solution is also perfect for Free/Open WiFi networks offered by shop keepers. And can be used for legal e-signature or document providers that require additional user verification.

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  Authorization and Authentication for retail NFC tags, Stickers and Labels. COMING SOON

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